Who is ASI?

Diane Rogers Bischoff:  

Diane became involved with paranormal investigation and research in late 2010 when, a chance photographic capture led her to participate in the TV series My Ghost Story.  This then provided her the opportunity to become a member of the paranormal investigation team, Spirit PI. She and a Spirit PI psychic founded ASI in April 2013.  Diane is a geologist by education and a member of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena - http://www.assap.ac.uk/index.html

To watch Diane briefly discuss her idea on the paranormal activity of the Croke-Patterson Mansion in Denver, Colorado, click http://archive.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=226319 or use a search engine to find “Do you believe in ghosts? The haunted mansion where spirits speak”

Amber Cain: 

Amber has had a fascination with the paranormal since she was young. As a child she would check out any books on ghosts, witchcraft and unexplained phenomena that she could as well as stay up late and watch the scary Saturday night thrillers (such as Tales from the Crypt) with her dad. Through her work she met Diane and has been involved with ASI since.

Douglas Moulton:

Douglas Moulton joined ASI in 2016 as the team’s lead psychic. He is a hereditary magician and sentient as well as an avid Tarot reader (http://tarotmagus.wix.com/denverpsychicreader). In his Tarot work, his goal is to help others find their own inner light and self-worth by helping them to see the forest through the trees. During ASI investigations, his strengths include his ability to see energy and spirits and thus help the group focus instruments in those areas. He can also use his intuitive ability to read the​se spirits and determine their intent.

He has completed courses in BALG (an independent majick group) soul travel, BALG divination and spirit crossing. He has been intuitive his whole life.     

Daniel Torode:

Daniel joined the group in late 2015, first assisting with evidence review and then moving up to include investigations and client interviews. He moved to Colorado after serving six years in the military as an engineer. He has always been interested in the supernatural but after an out-of-body experience in an unnamed place, that interest intensified. Daniel is the demonologist of the group; so if you think you are having issues with “demons” he can help you determine if that’s the case or perhaps something else.

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