Accounts and links to evidence captured during ASI investigations.

Middle School in Southern Colorado May 2014

Kim, Amber and Diane embark on a journey that takes them to a town in southern Colorado to investigate activity at a middle school (that requests its identity remain private). Activity has been experience for years by both staff and students. Upon entering the location Kim reports “I immediately felt a heavy energy in the school, felt uncomfortable and as though I were being watched at all times. I was not particularly comfortable being alone…[I feel] curious and unsettled.”

Four main hotspots are identified by the client. 



It is ASI’s opinion this place is haunted and the activity is related to the land and not the building itself being that the structures are about 30 years old. A document search is recommended to find what the land’s previous history was. Kim concludes “I feel the male spirit in the class room has no desire to be helped or crossed, but rather enjoys being in the school. I think he ‘gets off’, as it were, on frightening the kids and/or faculty. I believe he will continue on in that location for many years, regardless of what it becomes post middle school. I believe Jessica wants help, and is looking for someone to protect her. She is not fully aware she is dead. I do not believe anyone in the school is in danger, nor is there “evil” there, per se. The male energy in the classroom is by far the most negative aspect of the situation, but he is not strong enough, nor has the full intent to hurt anyone. He enjoys frightening people, as it makes him feel powerful – he likes control.”

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